Leah speaking at The Improve Group’s 15-year anniversary party.

A message from Leah Goldstein Moses

Hello, IG community! I’m writing today to share exciting news. On August 1, I stepped down as CEO of The Improve Group and into an advisory role, while other members of our team stepped in to bring their considerable talents to the roles I once filled.

This is a manifestation of what I’ve been nurturing for years: guiding IG to be a lasting and sustainable organization that has value for its employees, partners, clients, and the broader community. It’s been a long and joyful journey getting here—one that I have truly loved. I loved being the founder of IG, generating ideas, and seeing them grow. I loved working with my colleagues and coming up with cool solutions when we encountered a problem. I’ve loved our clients, who have inspired me with their work and passion around all kinds of realities our communities have faced. And I’ve loved getting to stretch and develop my talents.

I am and will always be a huge IG fan. Vikings fans might bleed purple and gold, but I am pretty sure my blood runs IG teal. This team shows up daily with wisdom, integrity, and passion. In just the past couple of years, IGers have centered equity more fully in our work, developed more distributed decision-making and leadership strategies, and made many operational adjustments in response to the pandemic.

Celebrating summer with (left to right) partner Nicky Bowman, Chief Practice Officer Becky Stewart, Leah, Managing Consultant Sara McGarraugh, and Senior Writer Katherine Lymn.

My colleagues and I have built IG to be a place that values participatory leadership, trust in one another, and equity. I’m confident that these values are and will continue to be deeply embedded into how IG operates. To continue this path toward shared decision-making and leadership, IG will not replace me with another CEO. All staff are its leaders, backed up by an experienced management team with decades of combined experience at IG. You’ll be hearing more about the next chapter for IG in future messages. If you want to connect with IG, always feel free to reach out to an IGer you already know or to Becky at beckys@theimprovegroup.com or Maria at mariam@theimprovegroup.com to get you connected.

When you are the founder of an organization, you eat, sleep, and breathe it 24/7, so I’m expecting it to take a while to figure out what’s next for me. I am excited to give back to two things that have supported me in my journey. First, I continue to serve on the Met Council’s Equity Advisory Committee, where I hear about things happening in our region and work with other community members to advocate for more equitable policies and outcomes. Second, I am now chairing my chapter of the Women’s President Organization, an organization that was my life support at times when owning a business was really hard. I would not have seen the successes in IG without the support of these women.

Now that I’ll be watching more from the sidelines in an advisory role, I get to bring my talent to IG as its biggest cheerleader! There are more exciting changes on the horizon, and I’m excited for us to share more news soon.

With cheer and love,