For more than two decades, The Improve Group has evolved to meet the needs of staff, our clients, and the communities that serve to benefit from evaluation. Now, we’re excited to announce we have become a worker-owned co-operative. After 2 years of planning, our transition became official on Thursday, August 10, 2023.

Leah Goldstein Moses founded The Improve Group in 2000 with a vision to improve programs and organizations that impact the world. Twenty-three years later, her vision remains strong and is shared by the dedicated staff at The Improve Group. We are all grateful for the opportunity to help others gain clarity and insight about the world around them and make a greater impact in their communities.


We help mission-driven organizations make the most of information, navigate complexity, and ensure their investments of time and money lead to meaningful, sustained impact.


The Improve Group’s vision is that mission-driven organizations will effectively develop a more resilient, equitable, and thriving world. 

Our Team

Our team is experienced in managing complex, multi-site, multi-country projects with clients dedicated to a wide variety of areas, including health, advocacy, social justice, humanitarian aid and peace, education, housing, economic and community development, the arts and culture, self-sufficiency and financial stability.

Our Services

The Improve Group conducts rigorous studies to help organizations make the most of information, navigate complexity, and ensure their investments lead to meaningful, sustained impact.  We help organizations through the following services:

Evaluation: Utilizing the right mix of tested and innovative evaluation methods essential to advancing organizational impact

Impact & Needs Research: Finding new insights through research

Strategic Planning: Aligning vision, strategy, and action to accomplish your organization’s mission

Capacity Building & Training: Preparing organizations for tomorrow’s opportunities

Informing Systems & Policy: Informing leaders seeking to transform systems to achieve better results

Global Service: Evaluation and research partnerships around the globe to support and sustain positive change


A description of The Improve Group's six values: Thoughtfulness; Excellence; Collaboration & Inclusiveness; Innovation & Creativity; Joy; Building a Better World