A graphic image of a heart with an arrow through it, that depicts a few bar charts at the center. The image says "An evaluation love story."

This Valentine’s Day, we reflected on the love we all share: A love for evaluation! Our excitement for this important field drives us and makes us passionate about doing excellent work and building clients’ capacity for evaluation. From uplifting voices to analyzing data, we all have our different reasons for loving evaluation. Without further ado, read on as our consultants answer why they love evaluation.

I love evaluation because…

Russell Barnes: Evaluation lets me learn something new every day.

Tia Bastian: I love the excitement of discovery.

Courtney Clingan: I love helping people make informed decisions!

Dan Goldstein: Why wouldn’t you love evaluation??

Leah Goldstein Moses: I get to find ways to make world-changing ideas even better!

Derek Hazeltine: Comprehensive data plus insightful analysis leads to great decisions.

Jill Lipski Cain: It can give space to many voices.

Katherine Lymn: I love learning, and that’s what evaluation is all about!

Sara McGarraugh: “we all do better when we all do better” – Paul Wellstone.

Kayla Meyers: I get to meet passionate people working across different fields, all towards creating a better world!

Maria Moeller: I love when evaluation helps speak truth to power.

Kylie Nicholas: I get to learn about you! And I know I’m making a difference every day.

Jennifer Obinna: it fits well with my personal values to learn from information, experience, and reflection.

Christen Pentek: I love evaluation like Pluto loves the planets; riotous, unpredictable, rebellious, and more often in the sunlight.

Nick Stilp: the systems and ideas behind evaluation can be applied to just about anything! #Eval4lyfe

Claire Stoscheck: I love evaluation when it’s done in a participatory manner that lifts up community voices.