Headshot of Sara McGarraughThe Improve Group is pleased to announce Sara McGarraugh, an IGer since 2012, has advanced to Director of Consulting. Sara has grown alongside IG since joining the organization more than a decade ago as an intern. Her passion for IG and established evaluation expertise give Sara invaluable perspective to help guide IG into the future.

Sara has led many strategic and large-scale projects for The Improve Group, including an evaluation of the Minnesota Preschool Development Grant Birth to Five; a multi-country evaluation of the U.S. Department of Agriculture Food for Progress program in collaboration with the University of Minnesota; and an evaluation of the Colorado Health Foundation’s Supporting Healthy Minds & Youth Resiliency initiative.

Behind the scenes, Sara has played a key role in developing partnerships to broaden our expertise and consistently explores how IG can improve, including with regard to equity.  In her role and as a new member of our management team, Sara will be working to broaden and deepen partnerships with IG, using her skills as a connector to improve our ability to work with communities and strengthen our equity-focused offerings to clients. She will continue to lead and staff projects, though at a reduced capacity.