We are very excited to announce that The Improve Group is launching new practice areas in 2017. These practice areas will bring together staff from across The Improve Group to learn more about specific topics and develop deeper skills for applying evaluation and planning to these topics – ultimately enhancing our project work. While they are just getting started, the practice areas will draw on some of the experiences and relationships we’ve already built.

Leah Goldstein Moses applying her capacity building coaching techniquesOne of the practice areas will focus on capacity building. It will examine some of the capacity building work we’ve already done, seek to better understand what types of capacity building our clients crave, and design tools and approaches for capacity building. The group expects to learn more about adult learning techniques, how to reinforce skills with systems, etc.

Until now, The Improve Group’s capacity building work has primarily included:

  • Training and workshops in evaluation, research, and planning
  • Coaching organizational leaders as they adopt evaluative thinking practices
  • Designing evaluation systems that are maintained by organizations
  • Using an empowerment evaluation model that facilitates the evaluation work of organizations and coalitions

We anticipate deepening and expanding this work in the year ahead! We’ll be excited to share updates as they are ready.

Interested in building evaluation capacity in your organization? We’d love to hear your priorities so we can respond to them!