On a more personal note.... Like everyone we know, disappointment is something we at the Improve Group occasionally face. These disappointments can vary from wishing the results of an evaluation had more positive findings to wishing we were selected for a project. Over the past few days I've been feeling disappointed about an interesting project that went to another evaluator (an aside: I think very highly of all my peers in the Twin Cities; that doesn't mean I don't have a competitive streak!) Today, driving home from a meeting and getting prepared for the days' tasks, I turned on Minnesota Public Radio and heard an interview with Rabbi Harold Kushner, author of Overcoming Life's Disappointments. The main message I got from the conversation was that everyone faces disappointment and that what disappointment teaches us is to learn, try things in a new or different way, and to feel proud that we can overcome obstacles. It was a great message to hear on a rainy, dismal day.