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The Improve Group is reaching out to Minnesotans with disabilities for the Olmstead Quality of Life Survey. The survey is the largest of its kind in Minnesota. Folks here have been working tirelessly to reach the survey goal of 2,000 interviews around the entire State. The interview period has been extended through November 2017, and you can help us cross the finish line together by sharing this story.

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What's New

Autumn harvest: Learn about our client/partner CTI and find out how this local nonprofit is helping to reduce hunger in Senegal. Gather insights for Domestic Violence Awareness Month. And meet our bumper crop of new hires—plus we bid farewell and best wishes to a cherished team member.

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The Search is On!

The Improve Group is seeking a consultant who will help us advance our ongoing work in diversity, equity and inclusion. We see this work as a journey – one that we’ve started, but one with a long way to go.

If you or someone you know is interested in pursuing this work, please view the full Request for Proposals